Long ago a Mongolian boy was born and became a ruler, warrior and a military leader whom created the largest empire in the world. While he had invaded and conquered most of Northeast Asia with his warriors, it is said that the Mongol empire had huge victory feast, “Mongolian barbeque” in a way of gathering abundance amounts of meat and vegetables, and place them on their overturned shields and let them cook over a large fire with their swords.

Many years later to honour Genghis khan, a restaurant was opened in 2002 renamed as “Gengy’s Mongolian BBQ” capturing the idea of cooking fresh, tasty and unique cuisine.

And “Cizzlin” is here to inherit the idea of Gengy’s, under the same umbrella, and to provide this fresh and mouth-watering Genghis Khan Grill not to only dine in but also to take-away.


Opening Hour​

Open 7 Days 11am - 9pm